What should you do when the internet is disconnected?

How to disconnect internet?

When your internet is turned off, you first need to find out the specific cause and then you will come up with solutions to root the problem. Since there are many different factors that can cause the internet to be disconnected, such as internet speed and website functionality may close, or some related devices are broken, you need to go through each step to eliminate the cause. multiply gradually.

1- Make sure the website you are connecting to is not broken by double-checking the URL you are entering

2- Check the connection between your device and your router via Ethernet, or via WiFi?

3- Look for an indication that your device is connected to the network and that network is available.

4- Disconnect your device from the network and then reconnect

5- You will need to check your computer's IP address or device may be conflicting with another device

6- Go to your Settings to check your local IP address


7. Make sure your IP address is valid 192.168.x.x 8. Restart your device