Your Internet has problems and how to fix them

Why is your internet slow?

Slow internet is a bad problem. If you work with unusually slow networks, not working as expected should compromise the quality of your work.


Factors that slow down your Internet

- Your internet connection type: GPRS, ADLS-DSL, fiber optic cable or broadband etc.

- Your ISP network infrastructure provider: Each ISP offers different packages with different upload and download features.

- Connection time of the day: Internet speed tends to decrease during the time many people are using the internet at the same time. This is a common day issue. Speed ​​may be faster at night or very early in the morning.

- High-traffic endpoints: The amount of traffic a site receives can affect the internet speed you browse that site.

- Your internet-connected device: Your device, such as an old computer, smartphone or tablet, with a virus will have a slower processing speed, which will also lead to to slow internet browsing

- Your browser: When you see when the Internet speed is too slow can cause problems with your browser. 

- Delayed front page response also affects your browsing speed