Internet Speed Test


Internet speed test is a tool to help you monitor your internet speed measurement and troubleshooting. The internet speed test tells you the exact internet speed you are having at a specific time, this is a problem that can affect your internet.

Speed ​​testing is easy with "Speed ​​Check by"


Are you having internet problems?

Is your internet connection slow, or does the website take a long time to load?

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting - and waiting! - to load the page or handle the internet so slowly that it really annoys you. Use "Speed ​​Check by" to check the internet speed very easily and can give you useful information. Get started with our most important tool "Speed ​​Check by"


Perform internet speed test

When your internet seems slow, "Speed ​​Check by" is basically an internet speed meter that gives you a realistic reading of the speed at which your computer downloads and uploads data to the internet.


Having these specific measurements is important, as slow download and upload speeds may indicate a problem with your internet service provider or there may be a router problem. On the other hand, if the speed test shows that your internet speed is normal, then this may indicate that there may be a problem with the website you are trying to access or perhaps your internet speed is not enough. large to support the type of browser you are using.


Internet speed test is easy to perform, only takes a few seconds and is free to run with "Speed ​​Check by"


Use "Speed ​​Check by" to check internet speed on your phone

Testing your internet speed is as simple as going to, clicking the [SPEED TEST] button to perform the test and measuring the speed. Wait until done, and then you will see 4 measurements reflected on the top of your screen:

- Internet connection speed

- The latency represents the time when data travels to the destination, measured in milliseconds (latency below 100ms is good, if the delay is over 200ms, can cause delays like video chat with everyone and may make your internet slower than it really is).


- Download speed, measured in Mbps / Kbs, shows how fast / slow your device downloads data from the internet. If your download speed is not fast enough to support the activities you are doing, like watching videos or playing games, it seems that your internet is slow or delayed.


- Upload speed, also measured in Mbps / Kbs, refers to the speed at which your device can upload data to the internet. Your upload speed affects how quickly large files, such as photos or video clips, will upload.


In fact, your speed may be much slower than the contracted speed, this may affect your Internet function and your internet browsing ability.


You can get promised speeds during certain times of the day. The only way to determine how well your internet is working is to use "Speed ​​Check by" to check the speed at different times of the day.


You may find your service slowing during peak usage hours, then speeding up again late at night or early in the morning when fewer people are online.


To understand what your internet speed really is, you will have to run multiple speed tests at different times of the day.


Abnormal slow download or upload speeds may indicate a problem with your internet service provider, connection, or may simply occur during a part of the day when many people are using the internet.


The more you understand the internet speed you are working on, the quicker you will be able to identify which issues can be causing slow speeds or poor performance. From there, you will be able to fix your internet problems and improve the performance (and reliability) of the internet.